Protecting Your Home While You Are Vacationing

Homeowners Insurance TexasSafeguarding Your Home From Property Crimes

During the summer months, property crimes tend to skyrocket because burglars know that most homeowners take vacations during this time. We have compiled a list of important tips for safeguarding your home from property crimes:

  • While you may think that anything inside your home is safe, it is important to make an effort to lock everything valuable up.
  • It is extremely important that you do not let your mail or daily newspaper pile up. You have two choices: ask a friend or neighbor to come to the house and collect these papers or ask the post office to put a hold on your account.
  • Make sure to give off the impression that your home is filled with people so that criminals do not find your house tempting. You can do this by setting timers to your television and lights.
  • Be sure to do a little landscaping before you embark on your vacation, as criminals love burglarizing homes where visibility is obstructed by overgrown trees and shrubbery.

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