Insurance Protection For Your Home Renovations

Homeowners Insurance TexasGetting The Most Out Of Your Home Upgrades

Home renovations are a great way to renew the space you are currently living in without having to make a major move. However, with home upgrades you have much more to think about than just the contractor, materials, and blueprints. You must also consider the insurance implications.

Whenever you make changes to your home’s value or square footage, you must inform your insurer of the improvement. While you may push this task off to the backburner until renovations are complete, the last thing you need is a refusal of coverage when you are in need of protection most.

Also, you may want to increase your limits during the construction phase of your project to account for the increased risk of having contractors in and out of your house. However, even if you increase your limits that does not excuse you from obtaining your contractor’s proof of insurance.

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