How Do Car Recalls Actually Work?

How do Car Recalls WorkWhether you have just received a notice in the mail saying your car has faulty wiring or an air bag deployment delay, receiving a safety recall notice can be an overwhelming feeling. However, a car recall does not have to be alarming if you know what to do when your car is recalled. Gathered are some informational points to reduce your worries:

  • Your recall notice should have a detailed explanation of the problem, as well as locations of where to take your car to get it fixed. There may be a specific date stated in which the dealerships listed will be accepting recall repairs.
  • Your car manufacturer will choose one of three options in fixing the situation. They will reimburse you for the repairs, make the repairs at the dealership, replace the parts, or even the car depending on the severity of the problem.
  • A car recall will not negatively affect your auto insurance if you respond appropriately. In actuality, you may end up receiving a decrease on your auto insurance premium if your car’s value decreases as a result of media attention.
  • Most importantly, never ignore the directions of a recall notice. If you end up getting in an accident because you did not appropriately respond to the notice, you may be held liable.

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