How Many Car Insurance Claims Can Be Made in a Year?

Car insurance helps cover the damages and repairs resulting from accidents. Despite who was at fault, you may need to file multiple car insurance claims in a year. However, do you know how many car insurance claims you can make in a year? Let’s find out.

Types of Car Insurance Claims

Before knowing the number of car insurance claims you can file in a year, you must know the different types of claims. Not all claims are treated equally by insurance companies.

At-Fault Claims

An at-fault claim is when you are solely responsible for the accident. The at-fault auto insurance claims may increase your premium amounts. Sometimes, your policy may not be renewed.

Not-At-Fault Claims

If you face an accident caused by another driver or any other circumstance, it is treated as a not-at-fault claim. These claims usually don’t increase your premium amount at the time of renewal.

Comprehensive Claims

Comprehensive car insurance claims cover damages or repairs resulting from fire, theft, or vandalism. There are no limits on comprehensive claims.

The Limit on Claims

The majority of insurance companies do not limit the number of claims as long as you claim for legitimate reasons.

However, they have limits on the at-fault type claims. If you claim more than two times in three years, the insurance company will label you with ‘multiple claims.’ This may result in higher premium rates.

You must remember that insurance companies will put the ‘multiple claims’ status irrespective of the time gap you maintain between the at-fault auto insurance claims. Make sure to be aware of the aggregate limits as well.

How to Avoid Multiple Claims

Multiple claims not only increase your insurance rates but also may cost you more through deductibles. Here is how you can avoid multiple car insurance claims:

  • Drive carefully. Never lose your attention while on the road.
  • Having car insurance does not mean that you have to claim for every accident or damage. If the damage is small, consider paying it from your pocket.

Remember these points when filing a car insurance claim. For assistance with your car insurance, contact the experts at VGW Walker Insurance in Texas today. We look forward to helping you with all your coverage needs.