How to Get Through a Storm: Generator Safety Tips

How to Get Through a Storm: Generator Safety Tips

Generator accidents are the cause of 50 fatalities and lead to approximately 1,700 visits to the emergency room–do you know how to safely use a power generator?

The positives of owning a power generator can all be negated with improper use, and can even turn fatal. Carbon monoxide (CO) deaths, near deaths, and burns happen much too often for our liking during power outages and storms. But here are a few important safety tips on how you can and should use a generator to get you through a storm.

Never run it indoors. As the generator converts the fuel into energy to run your home, it will create exhaust in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2) and CO–both toxic to us humans. Never run it in any room and that includes basements, garages or any other enclosed space.

Stock up on gasoline. You never know for how long the power will be out, and that is why it pays to stock up on gasoline. Store your gasoline in an open and well-ventilated area inside of ANSI-approved containers.

Don’t run it in the rain. As you remember from elementary science class: water and electricity do not go well together. You can purchase a model-specific cover/tent to assure its functionality while it rains.

Turn off the generator before refueling. Reduce your chances of fire and injury by turning off the generator and allowing it to cool all the way before pouring gasoline and refueling.

A generator provides power to your entire house, and with that much power comes great responsibility. Ensure that it works with you, not against you.

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