How to Maintain Your Exercise Regime this Autumn

How to Maintain Your Exercise Regime this Autumn

Learn how to keep exercising and stay happy and healthy this fall.

As the temperature drops, it can be difficult to stay dedicated to your exercise routine.  The promise of comfy sweaters and lounging by the fire can make it hard to stay motivated.  However, your health should always be a priority.  Stay driven and learn how to maintain your exercise regime this autumn.

Don’t Make Excuses

Making excuses to avoid working out is one of the easiest ways to derail your exercise routine.  Once you miss a couple of sessions at the gym, it can be incredibly hard to get moving again.  Many people stay dedicated to working out in the summer because they want to maintain their beach bodies.  However, the end of bikini-season can result in lost motivation and more excuses.  Try to remember that exercising isn’t just about looking good, it’s an important part of staying healthy and feeling good.  When you just want to lay in your warm bed, try to remember that all your loved ones are counting on you to stay healthy.  Thinking about all the people that rely on you is a great way to stop excuses from derailing your exercise regime.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

That being said, don’t beat yourself up.  It’s not always possible to accomplish everything you set out to do.  Don’t let short-term failures stop you from achieving your long-term goals.  Try looking at your failures constructively and adjusting your goals accordingly.  Did you miss a day at the gym this week?  Maybe going six days a week isn’t a reasonable gym schedule for you.  Were you unable to lift 100 pounds?  Maybe you should take more time to work up to that weight.  It’s okay to make mistakes and get frustrated, just don’t let these small setbacks make you quit.  You can do it!

Find Fall-Friendly Exercise Routines

If you did most of your exercise outdoors during the summer, you might have to make some adjustments during the autumn months.  Cooler temperatures and more extreme weather conditions may mean moving your exercise regime indoors.  For instance, if swimming is part of your regular exercise routine, you should try to find a local indoor pool so you can keep doing your laps.  Additionally, if it’s storming outside, it may not be safe to leave your home.  Find some exercises you can do while you’re stuck at home to make the most of being rained-in.

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