How to Take Gorgeous Landscape Photography

How to Take Gorgeous Landscape PhotographyIf you have trouble taking quality landscape photographs, use these tips to help you catch the fascinating landscape of Earth.

Many of us use our phones to take pictures of the world we experience on a daily basis. Granted, although most of the pictures are facing ourselves, sometimes we come across a scenario that we can’t but help turn the camera around and capture the world around us. Fewer people still take photography a bit more serious and purchase a quality camera, but don’t exactly know how to take a well-composed landscape picture. When you look at the picture you took, it looks less than spectacular. Here are some tips to help you take beautiful landscape photographs for any scenario you come across.

Time of Day

To capture those bright colors you see in National Geographic contest winners, you’re going to have to drag yourself out of bed a few hours before sunrise. There is a “false” dawn where the intense cobalt colors appear and then quickly hide once the sun truly appears. 20 minutes before sunrise is when you want to start snapping.

Angle of Light

The ideal angle of light is 90 degrees to your object or model. The light causes some great highlights and intense shadows which mix well. Use this tip when taking pictures of landscapes or urban lights.


Next, look for interesting scenes. Use the elements of foreground and background in your picture. Use the rules of thirds, diagonals, and other compositional techniques to draw the view’s eye exactly where you want them.

Taking photographs is an art. And with every other art, it takes practice to get okay, and a lifetime of dedication to get good. To protect your assets, including your camera, you’re going to need the proper insurance. Contact VGW Walker Insurance for all of your Texas insurance