Famous Jewel Heists Emphasizing Coverage Importance

Inside 5 of the largest jewel heists of all time

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage

When it comes to insuring valuables, you must obtain scheduled personal property insurance to ensure guaranteed security of your most precious possessions. Scheduled items under this coverage receive optimal protection, all at replacement cost. If you are currently neglecting the importance of this coverage, look inside 5 of the largest jewel heists of all times:

  • Graff Diamonds at $65 Million – Thieves entered the luxury jewelry store in London and ran off with more than 40 pieces of jewels valued at $65 million. While the thieves were caught, none of the jewels were recovered.
  • Schiphol Airport at $77 Million – Thieves dressed as airline workers pulled off the perfect crime, snatching jewels valued at $77 million during a transfer operation at an airport in Amsterdam. Neither the thieves nor the jewels have been found.
  • Antwerp Diamond Center at $100 Million – Nearly the perfect crime, these famous thieves were able to get through eight levels of security and snatch 123 safety deposit boxes filled with diamonds, only to be caught after disposing of uneaten food bags filled with receipts.
  • Harry Winston at $113 Million – The Harry Winston Paris location was hit twice, with both heists equaling $113 million in stolen jewels. While the eight thieves were found, the jewels were not.
  • Intercontinental Carlton Cannes $136 Million – This landmark hotel known for being the backdrop of “To Catch a Thief” in 1955 has experienced multiple jewel heists over the years, but one swift thief made his way in and out with a briefcase filled with jewels valuing at $136 million without ever getting caught.

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