Use This Guide & Insurance To Protect Your Valuables

Insurance And ValuablesIf you want to prevent the theft of your valuables, do these things and update your insurance coverage.

Your valuables are, well, valuable. As the name would imply, your items have some importance to you. Oftentimes, that means they’re both sentimentally and financially valuable. Are you offering your valuables the protection their worth merits?

At home, that means doing so much more than just locking your house when you leave. Store smaller valuables that a thief could easily make away with in a bolted-down safe, and consider investing in a security system. Also, don’t make the mistake of hiding a spare key outdoors where anyone with a keen eye and malicious intent could access it.

When you travel, your best course of action is to leave any valuables you won’t absolutely need on your trip at home. For those you do bring, you have two options. Either carry your valuables with you at all times in a hidden money belt or leave them in your in-room safe.

Do you have enough Texas homeowners insurance to protect your valuables? If your policy limits would prevent you from getting full reimbursement, contact VGW Walker Insurance. We can help you schedule in your valuables so they’re individually and completely covered.