Insurance for College Kids

Here are some of the essential insurance policies for your college student.Insurance for College Kids

Is your child heading off to college this fall? If so, you should make sure that they are prepared to handle everything that comes their way. One of the best ways to prepare your child is by getting them covered by the right insurance. Here are some of the types of insurance that your college student needs this school year.


Currently, most colleges and universities require students to carry some minimum level of health insurance. Generally, schools offer the opportunity to enroll in a student health plan or show proof of coverage under a parent’s policy. If you would like to keep your child covered under your policy, make sure you speak to your insurer and your child’s school to ensure that they will have the coverage that they need.


Whether your child is living on or off-campus, they need to protect their personal belongings. Having the right renters insurance will ensure that they receive compensation in the event that their personal property is damaged or stolen. Additionally, renters insurance will also offer your child personal liability protections. Should they be found responsible for another’s injuries or property damage, then their renters policy should provide them with coverage to address this issue.


Finally, if your child is planning on taking a car with them to campus, they need to have the right auto insurance in place. If your child is attending school in-state, they should have adequate protection under the family auto policy. However, if their school is out-of-state or if they meet a certain set of conditions, they may need to secure their own policy. Be sure to speak to your auto insurance provider to learn about your student’s coverage options.

These are some of the essential insurance coverages for your college student.  Need assistance with your coverage needs?  Then don’t hesitate to turn to us.  We at VGW Walker Insurance in Texas are eager to get you the right coverage to meet your needs.  Contact us to get started today.