The True Cost Of Going Without Insurance

Insurance Van Alstyne TXProtect yourself against major expense by carrying the right insurance.

Looking for ways to save money? You might evaluate your budget and see your insurance premiums as an expense you could live without. Could you, though? Here is a look at the true cost of being uninsured.

  • Life Insurance: You may be tempted to drop your life insurance policy. After all, you won’t need it in your lifetime, right? The problem is that by going without this type of coverage, you leave your family exposed to not only emotional hardship after they lose you but also financial hardship.
  • Disability Insurance: What happens if you get injured when you’re not on the job? Could you—let alone your family—survive without your paycheck? With disability insurance, you never have to answer that question.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: What happens if you need long-term care, either from a live-in caregiver or by moving to a facility, later in life? This type of care can cost over $75,000 annually, but by paying for long-term care insurance now you save your family that significant expense.

Clearly, by cutting the cost of insurance from your monthly expenses you expose yourself to a large financial burden. To ensure your Texas policies keep your hard-earned money protected, contact VGW Walker Insurance.