Insuring Expensive Holiday Gifts

Insuring Expensive Holiday Gifts Austin TXScheduled Personal Property Coverage

The holidays are now behind us, which means it is time to start insuring expensive holiday gifts you received. Despite common neglect, insuring valuables through scheduled personal property coverage is extremely important if you want your most prized possessions to be receiving unmatched protection.

When it comes to insuring jewelry and other valuables, scheduled personal property coverage provides you with the protection your valuables deserve. Scheduled items receive coverage at replacement cost value, which means you will receive the true value for your items when they are lost, stolen, or misplaced.

Items worth adding to your scheduled personal property coverage include electronics, family heirlooms, firearms, collectibles, jewelry, furs, and anything else of particular value. To schedule your items, simply obtain a professional appraisal and submit it to us for approval! Once approved, your most prized possessions will start receiving the coverage it deserves.

Contact VGW Walker Insurance in Austin for all of your Texas homeowner’s insurance needs. When it comes to insuring valuables, allow us to add scheduled personal property coverage to your policy!