Is a Cracked Windshield Covered by Car Insurance?

As a car owner, you probably know that some minor accidents are inevitable, especially when you factor in the kind of environment you reside in.

A minor accident that could occur and affect your car is a cracked windshield. This accident can be tricky because it is almost impossible to ignore an occurrence like this. Therefore, you must know if a cracked windshield can be covered by car insurance.

Repair vs. Replacement

Depending on how extensive the damage is, you can either repair or replace your cracked windshield. However, some cracks start small but get bigger as they’re exposed to the elements of the weather or environment. If you find it hard to decide whether you should repair or replace your cracked windshield, then some of the factors you should consider for each are as follows:

You can repair your cracked windshield if there are:

  • Six inches or smaller cracks.
  • Three or fewer chips in the glass.
  • Undamaged front of a camera or sensor.

However, it is better to get a replacement for your cracked windshield if there are:

  • Six inches or larger cracks.
  • Multiple chips in the glass.
  • Line of sight damage.

Car Insurance Coverages for a Cracked Windshield

Choosing to repair your cracked windshield rather than getting a full replacement might be less expensive and more affordable, making it easier to pay for the damage out of your pocket.

However, if you need to replace these two types of car insurance, coverages will provide you with enough help in that aspect.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This kind of coverage is applicable when the damage to your car isn’t a result of an accident. Instead, it covers your repair or replacement costs only if a rock, a fallen tree hits your windshield or it is damaged in the act of vandalism. Comprehensive coverage will cover the costs of your cracked windshield, whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. By using this coverage to repair the crack, you won’t have to pay the deductible, which happens to be the fee you’re required to pay after you file a claim and before your coverage is activated to pay for the rest. This is only applicable to repairs and no replacement.
  • Collision Coverage: Unlike the comprehensive insurance coverage, this coverage helps cover for the damage of your cracked windshield if it was caused by accident and you need to have a complete replacement.

These coverages need to be added to your insurance policy before you can make use of them. Whatever the case may be, VGW Insurance offers specialized insurance coverage to protect you beyond your policy. For more inquiries, our agents are available to help you. Get a quote online by contacting us today!