Is It Necessary to Use the Insurer’s Recommended Repair Shop?

If your car is damaged in a road accident, you may need to find a repair shop to get your vehicle back on the road. You can make an insurance claim if you are eligible for compensation. In that case, your insurance provider may suggest a repair shop. You might think that it is necessary to visit the insurer recommended repair shop. However, that is not always true.

Use the Insurer’s Recommended Repair Shop

Read on to learn more about choosing a repair shop for your insurance claim.

What You Need to Consider

While it is beneficial to visit the repair shop recommended by your insurance provider, the choice is entirely yours.
Visiting the repair shop recommended by your insurer seems convenient, but there are chances of kickbacks or poor customer service. You must determine whether your insurer recommended repair shop meets the required quality standards.

The Pros

The recommended repair shop and your insurance provider know each other well. This develops a healthy relationship between them that can benefit you.

The preferred shop may offer discounts on repairs and replacements. Also, they can save you the hassle of extensive paperwork and finish your process quickly.

The Cons

Keep in mind that even if the repair shop is recommended by your insurer, high-quality service cannot be guaranteed.

When the car is taken in for repair, the employee assesses the amount of damage done and the necessary parts that need to be repaired. This is carried out to calculate the insurance claim. Also, there is a possibility that they might try to limit the amount that needs to be reimbursed to you.

Although your auto insurance company offers you a list of repair shops, make sure to consider these pros and cons before making a decision. If you have additional questions about auto insurance, contact the experts at VGW Walker Insurance in Texas today. We look forward to helping you with all your insurance needs.