Enjoying The Lake & River Carefree This Summer

Lake and River Safety TipsLake and River Safety Tips

Summer is a time to enjoy the lake and river with your friends and family, but unfortunately, there are unique risks that you must be prepared for. We want you and your loved ones to remain safe on the open waters, which is why we have gathered a few helpful lake and river safety tips:

  • It is important to recognize your limits, as well as the limits of others, especially children. Do not try to swim through the rapids just because “everyone else is doing it.”
  • Many people neglect the importance of wearing a life jacket when enjoying themselves at the lake or river, but this is the only way these life saving devices can perform their purpose.
  • While you may think that there is no reason to lather up with sunscreen before heading off because you will be in the water the majority of the time anyways, it is important to reapply throughout the day, since the reflection of the water makes you more prone to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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