Making the Most of Your Flood Insurance Claim

The purpose of a flood insurance policy is to cover any damage that results from a flood. There are instances, however, when your claim may be denied. There are a few ways in which you can improve the chances of your flood claim being approved. Knowing the different types of documentation that must accompany your proof of loss form will speed up the process and increase the likelihood of your claim getting approved for the full amount.

Have a Certified Copy of Your Flood Insurance Policy

If you have experienced a flood that caused damage to your home or property, you will need to have a certified copy of your flood insurance policy. This will state all of your coverage amounts as well as any exclusions that may not be covered. Verifying your insurance through the NFIP is the first step in filing a flood insurance claim. While your insurance agent will already have a copy of the policy, it is important that you have a certified copy of your own.

Get a Few Third-party Damage Estimates

Third-party estimates will give you an unbiased answer as to the extent of your flood damage. If there is any chance that your claim may be disputed, you may want to get three or four estimates from reputable contractors to ensure that the damage is verified and assessed correctly. Having multiple estimates is the best way to prove your case and ensure that you get treated as fairly as possible.

File a Proof of Loss Form

In order to file a claim against your flood insurance policy, you will need to file a proof of loss form with your insurance agent. The proof of loss will include all of the details of the damage to your home. It will also contain other important details as to the time and date the damage occurred. Your proof of loss should also include photographs of the damage and the third-party estimates that you collected to verify the severity of the damages. The form has to be turned in within 60 days of the loss.

Find a Reputable Adjuster

Filling out the proof of loss paperwork can be a little overwhelming. Find a reputable adjuster who is willing to explain things to you. They may actually help you fill out all of the paperwork if you provide them with the information they need. They will take the confusion out of the process and make things a lot less stressful.

Don’t stress over filing a flood insurance claim. When you have questions, call the reputable agents of VGW Insurance. Each agent has special training when it comes to working with insurance that deals with floods and other natural disasters. Contact us today to get started!