Getting Ready For Motorcycle Riding Season

Motorcycle Insurance TexasUpdating Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle riding season has finally arrived! To ensure that you are able to enjoy each adventurous drive without a worry, it is important that you schedule an appointment with your independent insurance agent to confirm adequate motorcycle insurance coverage.

While you may assume that you are protected to the fullest because you have the required liability insurance package, your beautiful ride may be vulnerable if you have not opted for additional coverage. Both collision and comprehensive coverage provides your motorcycle with protection. Collision covers damages caused in an accident and comprehensive coverage will cover any other accidents that result in your motorcycle’s harm. Unfortunately, since these coverage options are not required by law, and many riders opt out of this important coverage.

Motorcycle riders often hold a unique attachment towards their bikes, which is why we highly recommend conducting an annual review of your policy. This will allow you to enjoy each cruise and each adventure with ultimate peace of mind.

Contact VGW Walker Insurance for all of your Texas motorcycle insurance needs. We will custom tailor a motorcycle insurance policy that provides you and your adventures with peace of mind.