Open House Etiquette

What to do when you are visiting an open house.couple smiling after buying a home

As a house hunter, visiting an open house can be an exciting chance to explore a potential home.  However, when visiting an open house, many buyers let their emotions get the best of them.  To ensure that you navigate open homes carefully and politely, here are some of the etiquette tips to remember.

  • Respect the Seller’s Privacy

When walking through an open house, it’s important that you respect the seller’s boundaries.  If you come across closed doors then always check with the seller or listing agent before entering.  While part of touring a home is checking storage spaces (cabinets, closets, drawers, etc.), make sure that you ask before opening up these spaces.

  • Be Patient

If an open house is in a very popular area, then the open house might be overrun with house hunters.  If an open house is very busy, then it’s important to be courteous and patient.  If someone is walking through and examining a room, allow them to finish up before barging in and conducting your own inspection.  Once you get in, look around and keep things business-like.  Do not linger as this will halt the progress of other people who want to look at the property.

  • Save Criticisms Until After Your Tour

After looking at a property, you are sure to have things that you like and dislike.  If you want to discuss the things that you did not like about the home, then wait until you are off the property.  Heavily criticizing a home while on the property is just plain rude and you risk offending the homeowner and others at the open house.

These are some of the etiquette tips that you should remember when you visit open houses.  Are you preparing to close on a new home?  If so, then make sure you get the right homeowners insurance in place.  For assistance with all your home coverage needs, contact the experts at VGW Walker Insurance in Texas today.