Preparing Your Austin Home for the Winter

Prepare your Austin Home for WinterPreparing for winter is a home maintenance task we all must do, even if we are not expecting a white winter. Many Texas residents are surprised to find out that there are areas in our beautiful state that are susceptible to major storms, including blizzards, heavy snow, ice, freezing temperatures, and rain. Therefore, there are some important winterizing tasks you must complete:

  • Your downspouts and gutters must be cleared of debris so that water can flow smoothly and not get backed up into your home.
  • Make sure to hire a professional roofer annually to inspect the condition of your roof. Any loose or missing shingles puts the interior of your home at risk for flooding.
  • Likewise, if your HVAC system has received maintenance recently, you will want to hire an HVAC specialist to ensure that everything is running properly before the first winter chill.
  • Most importantly, make sure that your emergency preparedness kit is stocked and ready to go!

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