High & Dry: Preventing Water Damage

Preventing Water DamagePrevent water damage in your home with these tips.

Sometimes being left high and dry can be a good thing. Specifically, that’s the ideal scenario when a pipe bursts in your home or a storm brings lots of water your way.

If you want to prevent water damage in your home, use these handy tips.

  • Snag a Snake: When you experience a clog in your drain, don’t reach for a chemical drain cleaner. These solutions can damage your pipes, eventually causing leaks. Instead, invest in an affordable drain snake from your local hardware store.
  • Tree Talk: Before you plant a large tree or bush in your yard, do your homework on its roots. You might think you don’t need to care (they’ll be underground, after all!) but some plants are notorious for having invasive roots that could grow through your pipes.
  • Gutter Gunk: We know it’s a hassle to get up and clean out your gutters, but don’t put it off! Without gutters, rainwater could end up pouring everywhere you don’t want it: through your roof, into your foundation, or down your walls.

Should you still end up experiencing water damage, would you be covered? To make sure your Texas insurance policies can anchor you against the high cost of rising water, contact VGW Walker Insurance.