Use These Tips To Avoid A Rear End Collision

Don’t let your day be ruined by a rear end collision.

Rear end collisions are some of the most common accidents on the road. While they can cause only minimal damage to your vehicle, they can lead to serious bodily injury. To help prevent rear-end collisions to stay safe, keep these tips in mind.

  • Look ahead – you should constantly be scanning the road ahead of you when you are driving. Don’t just focus your attention on the car right in front of you. Look a few cars ahead so that you will be ready if the flow of traffic starts to slow down.
  • Use your mirrors – you should be checking your side mirrors and rear view mirror every five to eight seconds while in motion. You should also take a look at your mirrors when you are coming to a stop. Taking a look at the car behind you can help to give you the warning you need if they are not paying attention.
  • Look for an escape route – the curb lane, shoulder, sidewalk, and left turn lane can all be an escape route if the car behind you is not slowing down. Getting out of the way can help to save your car from damage and yourself from injury.
  • Don’t rush to a stop – if you are coming up to a red light or a stop sign, slow down gradually. If you slam on your brakes when you reach the stop, the driver behind you may not be able to stop as fast and can run into the back of your car.
  • Leave some space – when you are coming to a stop, leave at least one car length between you and the car in front of you. Leaving space can give you the cushion you need to pull forward if the car behind you is not able to stop.

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