Recycling Old Electronics 101

Recycling Old ElectronicsDonating, Recycling, & Selling Old Electronics

One of the most exciting parts about spring cleaning is coming home to a fresh living space. However, if you do not de-clutter, this is impossible to attain. Chances are your clutter drawers are filled with gadgets, but before tossing them just yet you may want to consider recycling them. When it comes to recycling old electronics, you have a few options available to you.

Recycling old electronics is easy! You can recycle your old computers, phones, TVs, printers, ink cartridges, rechargeable batteries, electrical cords, and any other broken or unused technology. There are a variety of local and state programs where you can either send in your electronics or drop them off at a drop off location. You can even donate your electronics to a refurbisher if your donated goods are missing components.

Whenever donating, selling, or recycling your electronics, make sure to wipe the hard drive so that your personal data remains secure. The last thing you want is for this good deed to turn into identity theft.

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