Reduce Risk Exposure to Your Commercial Autos

When it comes to your business vehicles, it pays to know how to reduce their risk exposure.

Whether you use your own personal vehicle to drive to and from meetings or own an entire fleet of commercial vehicles, you need to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy to protect your business.
Driving is a dangerous game. And while it is impossible to bring your chances of an accident to exactly zero, there are a few things you can do to reduce your chances of getting into an accident. If you and your employees use a vehicle to deliver your product or service, here are a few tips you should enforce to reduce the risk exposure to your commercial vehicles.

Vehicle Use Guidelines

  • Limit the non-business use of the vehicles. You should limit the business vehicles to work-related travel only. Though there may be some instances in which employees use their personal car for business purposes.
  • Lock and secure the vehicle at all times. Reduce the risk of theft by ensuring that your employees lock the car at all times, no matter how quick they will be back to the car.

Driving Rules

  • Absolutely no cellphones. Distracted driving is the leading cause of auto accidents, and cellphone use is actually banned in some states. Your employees should not answer texts nor phone calls.
  • Mandatory seat belt policy. Almost every state has a seat belt law and it has prevented deaths and limited injuries. There is no reasonable excuse that your employees should not wear one.

The right commercial auto insurance policy can help your business and your commercial vehicles should your o your employees get into an accident. Contact the independent insurance professionals at VGW Walker Insurance for all of your Texas car insurance needs to keep you and your family safe.