Top 5 Renovations With The Best ROI

Renovations with the Best ROIWant the best ROI on your next home improvement? Tackle these renovations.

You’ve probably heard that remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is one of the best ways to get a solid return on your investment. It’s also a great way to turn a major part of your home into a construction zone, though!

There are actually other renovations that give you more bang for your buck with less hassle. If you want to maximize your ROI, Remodeling Magazine recommends taking on these top 5 renovations.

  1. Switch out your old front door for a steel one (96.9 percent ROI)
  2. Add a wood deck to your home (87.4 percent ROI)
  3. Switch your siding out for fiber-cement siding (87 percent ROI)
  4. Add a bedroom in your attic (84.3 percent ROI)
  5. Swap your old garage door with a new one (83.7 percent ROI)

In other words, if you want to maximize your returns, look to upgrade your home’s basic components.

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