How to File a Renters Insurance Claim for Damaged or Stolen Property

A renters insurance policy is something everyone renting an apartment or condo should have so as to adequately protect their own personal belongings in the event of an unpleasant situation. Once this policy has been purchased, the next step is to know the proper and easy way of filing a claim for damaged or stolen property. Although the process of filing a claim is similar to how it’s done with other types of insurance claims, if done wrongly, you might end up spending more time than is required, getting your claim denied, or not getting the compensation you’re entitled to.

Steps to Filing Renters Insurance Claim

  • Inform Your Landlord: Be it damaged belongings or stolen ones, the first thing to do once you become aware of it is to notify your landlord immediately. There are some things that your landlord might also be responsible for fixing, e.g., a broken door in the event of a burglary. Moreover, your landlord will also be able to alert others living on the premises to prevent such occurrences from recurring.
  • Report the Damage/Loss to the Police: Make sure to contact the police if the damage/loss has been caused by thieves/ vandals. If your renters insurance policy covers loss from theft, filing a report with the police is required before filing a claim with your insurer, as having a police report will quicken the claims process. However, situations like property damage caused by your pet or leaky roof do not usually require contacting the police.
  • Put Safety Measures in Place: Don’t just leave your belongings unprotected after an occurrence. You can make little changes by repairing the door lock or broken windows and keep a record of the related expenses. If your policy covers temporary living expenses while your home is being repaired, make sure to utilize that to pay for such additional costs.
  • File a Claim: Most insurance companies have a time limit for filing a claim which is usually between 48 to 72 hours after the damage or loss has occurred. You can also find out whether your policy covers a particular loss or hazard by contacting your insurance company.
  • Record Your Losses: Be as detailed as possible when documenting your losses or damage by taking pictures and videos of every single affected item. Also, make sure not to get rid of any of the damaged items until they have been inspected by a claims adjuster.

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