Helpful Tips For Finding Pet-Friendly Housing

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Renting an apartment or home that welcomes pets is a daunting task for any pet owner. There are increased risks associated with renting out a property to a pet owner, which is why it is often an exclusion on most leases. Gathered are a few helpful tips for finding pet-friendly housing:

  • You will want to give yourself enough time to find the right property. Since many complexes prohibit pets, you will want to start checking for availabilities well in advance.
  • There are a few resources available for you to find a pet-friendly community, including the humane society and your local animal care and control agency.
  • You will also want to gather proof of both yours and your pet’s responsibility. By showing that they have completed several behavioral courses and that you have your veterinarian’s stamp of approval can help in your quest for pet-friendly housing.
  • Promote your pet! Try inviting the landlord or property manager to your current home so that they can see your pet’s behavior and demeanor.

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