Before You Rent A House, Read This

Renters Insurance TexasWhat You Need To Know Before Renting A House

If you are tired of renting an apartment but are not yet ready to buy a home, renting a house can be a great in-between solution. Before you do, though, consider these factors.

  • Space: While a house will generally offer you more space—both indoor and outdoor—it is important to remember that extra space will require extra care. Make sure you are prepared to take on the additional maintenance.
  • Utilities: Similarly, because the house will be larger you can expect your utility bill to be larger, too. Be prepared for higher costs in this area.
  • Privacy: While apartment living had you cozy with your neighbors whether you liked it or not, renting a house will offer you increased privacy.
  • Insurance: Renting a house requires renters insurance, not homeowners insurance. Talk to your insurance agent before moving into your house, though, as extras like a pool might require changes to your policy.

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