Repurpose These Common Household Items!

Repurpose These Common Household Items

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of the unused supplies and materials lying around your house? Consider utilizing them with one of these repurposing projects:

  • Do your kitchen pot covers constantly get in the way? Use an old magazine rack to organize pot covers inside a kitchen shelf.
  • Looking to turn a boring light into a masterpiece? Simply add a wire basket!
  • Use an old colander as a beautiful hanging plant pot.
  • If you have any old pots or kettles that are never used, make them into a beautiful flower pot arrangement.
  • How bothersome is it when your child throws their muddy shoes in the shoe rack and gets grime and dirt everywhere? Use a metal cooling rack so that the mess doesn’t stick.
  • Organize drawers with empty tuna cans. You will no longer find difficulty finding a rubber band, bobby pin, or paper clip.
  • For a creative cabinet handle, use antique forks and spoons.

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