Do You Have The Right Renters Insurance Policy?

Do You Have The Right Renters Insurance Policy?How to decide if your renters insurance is enough.

As a renter, you already know that your landlord’s insurance policy covers your building so you only need to worry about protecting your stuff and your liability. Do you ever wonder, though, if you have enough coverage to do that? Here’s a quick look at finding the right renters insurance policy.

In order to fully protect your personal property with your renters insurance, you first need to figure out just how much stuff you have. The best way to do this is to create a home inventory, listing every item you own and its value. Total up your inventory; that sum is the amount of personal property coverage you need.

Similarly, to make sure you have enough liability coverage you need to figure out your risk. If you own a dog, for example, it’s a good idea to raise your limits to cover the lawsuit a dog bite could bring your way.

Deciding how much Texas renters insurance you need isn’t always clear cut. If you’d like to sit down with an agent to review your renters insurance and make sure you have enough, contact VGW Walker Insurance today!