Essential Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Ensuring Safety For Your New Teen Driver

Sending your new teen driver out on the open roads can be a bittersweet experience. Yes, they can now enjoy their newfound freedom, but they are also more susceptible to the dangers of the roads. We want you to feel confident in your teen’s security, which is why we have gathered these important safety tips for teen drivers:

  • The number one rule is NO CELL PHONES! This is extremely important, as cell phone use behind the wheel has proven to be a deadly habit. You may want to install a device in your teen’s car that disables texting and Internet usage once their car is traveling faster than 10 miles per hour.
  • Does your teen know of the importance of turning their headlights on during the early morning, early evening and whenever it is foggy? This is important for enhancing visibility.
  • Even though your teen may want to show off their new freedom with their friends, it is extremely important that they drive solo early on, hence the provisional license they were granted.

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