Security Tips to Prevent Email Frauds in Small Businesses

Small business owners always focus on the growth of their company and often ignore cybersecurity. The cybercrimes not only cost you financially but may also negatively impact your brand name. The cyber-attacks are usually done through phishing emails.

Here are a few email security tips that you should follow to prevent cyber-attacks:

Implement a Reliable Email System

While choosing the email system for your business, check the features it offers. Make sure it offers advanced security features like spam filtering, virus filtering, etc. This is the first and the most crucial step to make your email secure.

Train Your Staff

Your staff needs to be adequately trained in handling sensitive information. Train them to identify possible phishing email threats. Before opening the links or files of any email, make sure to ensure the email’s credibility and check the content, sender details, and grammar and language.

Use Encryption and Backups

While sending sensitive information over email, make sure to encrypt the information, and provide decrypting passwords only to your desired sender. This will make sure your email content is not hacked by hackers or cybercriminals. In addition to encryption, backup your data regularly.

Set Strong Passwords

Create a strong password for your email accounts. Do not use your family members’ names, pet name, or your birth date as a password. You must avoid common phrases or words related to your business in the password. Use a random string of numbers, numerals, and special characters.

Two-factor authentication provides you an extra layer of protection from hackers. Even if a hacker finds out your passwords, they cannot access your emails without providing authentication code, such as a one-time password. You can use the two-factor authentication on all your business applications, emails, and social media accounts to maximize security.

With these email security tips, you can protect your small business from cyber-attacks. To learn more about business insurance policies, contact the experts at VGW Walker Insurance in Texas today. We look forward to helping you with all your coverage needs.