Ensuring Your Life Saving Devices Are Saving Lives

Smoke Alarm Maintenance HomeownersThe Importance of Smoke Alarm Maintenance

A major pitfall many homeowners have fallen victim to is failing to maintain their smoke alarms. The only way these life saving devices can provide you, your home, and your family with protection is if they are working properly and receiving the required maintenance. Gathered are some alarm safety tips so that you can feel confident in their life saving capabilities:

  • Each smoke alarm in your house should be replaced every ten years to ensure functionality.
  • To ensure your alarms do not go faulty, simply vacuum the dust and debris from them annually.
  • Likewise, you should replace the batteries of your smoke alarms on an annual basis. We recommend setting an annual date such as when you turn the clocks forward for spring for the beginning of daylight saving time so that you never forget this vital task.
  • You must have a mix of both photoelectric alarms and ionization alarms. Each detects different types of smoke that may affect a home.

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