Enjoying A Worry & Liability Free Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party and Liability

Reducing Liability Risks When Hosting A House Party

It is almost time to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl! If you have been passed the torch to host the Super Bowl Party this year, it is imperative that you consider the liability risks of your fun. When it comes to your Super Bowl party and liability, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • If you will be serving alcohol at your party, make sure to offer nonalcoholic options and food so that guests do not consume alcohol on an empty stomach.
  • To take control of your social host liability, it is recommended that you hire a professional bartender. This professional can collect the keys of intoxicated guests and cut your friends off that have had a little too much to drink.
  • Most importantly, you must arrange for safe rides home for everyone.

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