Is Your Swimming Pool Insured?

Swimming Pool Insurance TexasCover Your Summer Fun

As the weather warms this summer, you are probably more than ready to spend some time relaxing poolside. All you will want to do is relax, but without knowing how your pool is protected you may be unable to do that.

Fortunately, your pool is already covered by your homeowners insurance. There are, however, a couple of things you should consider. First, check that the property value covered by your policy is sufficient to cover the value of your pool. That way, damages to your swimming pool will be covered.

Also, ensure that your liability limits are sufficient to protect you against injuries that occur poolside. Talk to your agent to make sure that you have the necessary controls in place to make your coverage kick in should you need it to step in if an injured guest decides take you to court if they become hurt by your pool.

If you have questions about how your Texas homeowners insurance protects your pool, contact VGW Walker Insurance. Our dedicated Dallas staff is here to ensure your swimming pool—and your summer fun—are safeguarded.