Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety TexasAnchor Your Summer Swims In Safety

Time by the pool can be loads of fun, but as a parent it can also be stressful. So that you can rest easy by the water this summer, review and implement these swimming pool safety tips.

  • Be A Super Supervisor: When your kids are playing by or in the pool, ensure that you or another competent adult are always there to supervise. For toddlers, practice touch supervision, meaning you are never further than an arm’s length away, even when they are using flotation devices.
  • Practice Preparation: So that you can be ready to handle an emergency, take a CPR class. Committing just a few hours of your day to learning this skill can help you save a life. Also, make sure you know where reach poles, flotation devices, and first aid kits are located.
  • Stop Sun Exposure: The water should not be your only safety concern poolside. Make sure both you and your kids are regularly applying sunscreen and drinking plenty of water.

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