To Show Our Gratitude, Here Are Thanksgiving Safety Tips!

To Show Our Gratitude, Here Are Thanksgiving Safety Tips!These Thanksgiving safety tips will help keep you and your loved ones safe over the holiday.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day where friends and family gather to express their gratitude. It’s also a busy day, and with that busyness comes risks. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe this Thanksgiving with these safety tips.

  • Cook Carefully. All too many house fires start over the holidays because the harried chef has too much going on. Enlist the help of others and loud kitchen timers to make sure you don’t leave anything cooking.
  • Ditch Distractions. Whether you’ll be standing over a hot stove or lighting candles on your Thanksgiving table, you’ll likely be facing a hazard or two over the holidays. Make sure you don’t increase your risk by keeping kids and pets as far away from these dangers as possible.
  • Travel Tips. To make sure you’re not rushing on the road, exposing your vehicle to more risk than necessary, leave with ample travel time. Don’t forget, there will be extra holiday traffic!

The reason we’re sharing these Thanksgiving safety tips is because we want to protect you! This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful we’ve had the opportunity to safeguard families and businesses throughout Texas. Contact VGW Walker Insurance for all of your insurance needs!