Things To Know About Charitable Giving

Things to Know About Charitable GivingHow To Avoid Donating To A Fraudulent Charity

In the midst of the season of giving, many of us choose to donate to a charity to give back. If you will be giving back this season, there are a variety of things to know about charitable giving. We want your generous efforts to go in the right place, which is why we have gathered all the need to know information about donating to a charity during the holidays:

  • Always research the charity before making your donation. Often, fraudulent charities will make their names similar to well-known charities to fool generous donors. By entering the name of the charity into the website of the Better Business Bureau, you can confirm the legitimacy of the organization.
  • As tempting as it may be to donate to door-to-door solicitors, it is safer to avoid making these types of donations, which can often be fraudulent charities.
  • When donating, make sure to keep your receipt and put your donation on a credit card so that you can dispute charges if they over take or end up being a fraudulent charity.

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