Tips for Prepping Your Home for Real Estate Photos

Take the best real estate photos of your home.laptop and camera

If you are getting ready to list and sell your home, then one of the best ways to generate interest is by taking beautiful photos of your home.  Not sure what you should do to ensure that your pictures turn out well?  Here are some of the suggestions that you should try.

  • Clean Up Your Driveway

While many sellers focus on staging the inside of their home for photos, they often forget that their home’s exterior is also a major source of curb appeal.  To show off your home in the best light, remove any vehicles from the driveway and any unappealing looking weeds.  If your driveway is stained or dirty, you should consider getting it power washed, so it looks fresh and pristine in your real estate photos.

  • Use Your Garage for Storage

Most real estate agents do not view the garage as a desirable space.  This is why garages are not common subjects for real estate photographs.  So, if you have clutter or other belongings that do not add aesthetic appeal to your home, then it’s usually a safe bet to hide it in your garage when photos are being taken.

  • Remove Personal Items from Your Home

When getting ready for your real estate photos, it’s important that you go through your home and remove any personal items.  For instance, you should take down family photos, address books, mail, and even magnets.  There are several reasons for doing this.  First, sometimes having personal information in the photos can pose a security risk for you and your loved ones.  The other reason why you want to remove personal identifiers is because it will make it easier for buyers to imagine the space as their own.

Try out these suggestions to help you prepare for your real estate photos.  Do you need help with your homeowners insurance during the buying or selling process?  If so, then contact the experts at VGW Walker Insurance in Texas today.