Conquering Your Spring Allergies

Tips for Spring AllergiesTips For Beating Spring Allergies

It seems that whenever the freshest season rolls along we are bombarded by spring pollen. If you are one of the many individuals who suffers from spring allergies, keep these helpful tips for spring allergies in mind:

  • While this tip may not be helpful on your utility costs, it can help your sinuses. By shutting the windows and just running your air conditioning, you can avoid bothersome spring pollen.
  • Pollen travels with the wind, so steer clear of the great outdoors on windy days.
  • Eye protection should not only be for sunny days, as wearing sunglasses can also help to protect you from pollen.
  • Whenever you spend a great deal of your time outdoors, be sure to hit the showers before getting cozy. The last thing you want is to carry the pollen around your house with you as this will make it extremely difficult to find relief from your spring allergies.
  • If you have a green thumb and would rather sacrifice your sinuses over your garden, be sure to wear an allergy mask when working outdoors.

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