Tips for Winterizing Your Summer Toys

Tips for Winterizing your Summer ToysAs the winter season fast approaches, it becomes important to add winterizing summer toys to the to-do-list. Storing toys can be as simple as a quick cleaning and covering. We want your most enjoyable rides to remain safe, which is why we have gathered these helpful tips for winterizing your summer toys:

  • Since you will likely not be using the barbecue during the winter, it is important that you turn off the propane valve and then separate the tank and propane valve for storage. You can release any trapped gas by simply turning on one of the burners. Next, give the exterior and interior of the grill a good cleaning before storing.
  • The last thing you want is for the rain to ruin all of your new patio furniture! Simply clean everything and store it away for protection.
  • As the roads become sleek with rain, it is a good idea to avoid cruising in your motorcycle. Top off all fluids and clean the exterior and interior of your motorcycle before putting it away for the winter.

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