Tips to Reduce Your Chances of Car Theft

Try out these suggestions to protect your car from theft.Tips to Reduce Your Chances of Car Theft

While you might hate to think about it, car theft is a very real threat that all car owners face. This is why its so important to take steps to secure your car and reduce your chances of it getting stolen. Here are some of the suggestions that you should try to keep your car safe from thieves.

1) Keep your car locked at all times, even when you are driving.

2) You should never leave your car unattended with the keys in the ignition and the motor running.

3) Avoid leaving valuables in your car out in plain sight. This could increase the chances of your car being targeted for theft.

4) Do not leave your car’s title inside your vehicle. Oftentimes, car thieves are able to escape suspicion because they are able to produce your car’s registration.

5) When you park your car, be sure to close your windows and sunroof, as well as lock your doors.

6) Thieves like to operate under the cover of darkness, so if you are parking at night, do your best to park in a well-lit area. If this is not possible, try to park in busier areas. The fear of being seen will deter criminals from targeting your vehicle.

7) When parking on an incline, apply your parking brake and make sure you turn your tires towards the curb or some other large obstruction. This will make it harder for criminals to tow your vehicle away.

8) Consider installing an anti-theft system in your car if you don’t already have one. Thieves are far less likely to steal vehicles if they know that it will be recovered quickly.

9) Have your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) etched onto each of your car’s windows. Car thieves will avoid your car because they will not want to deal with the added expenses of replacing all the glass on your vehicle.

10) Be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable leaving your car in a certain area, simply find a new place to park.

These are some of the tips that you should try to protect your car from thieves.  Want another way to keep your car safe?  Make sure you have the right auto insurance protections in place.  For assistance with your coverage needs, contact the experts at VGW Walker Insurance in Texas for assistance today.