Top Ten Most Stolen Cars and How to Protect Yours

Did your car make the list?man breaking into a car

Every year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau compiles a list of the most commonly stolen cars.  If your car makes the list, then it’s vital to take precautions against car thieves.  Even if your car doesn’t make the list, you should still take steps to protect against theft.  Here’s what you can do to keep your car safe.

Top 10 Most Stolen Cars

  1. Honda Civic (1998)
  2. Honda Accord (1997)
  3. Ford Pickup Full Size (2006)
  4. Chevrolet Pickup Full Size (2004)
  5. Toyota Camry (2017)
  6. Nissan Altima (2016)
  7. Toyota Corolla (2016)
  8. Dodge Pickup Full Size (2001)
  9. GMC Pickup Full Size (2017)
  10. Chevrolet Impala (2008)

How to Reduce Your Risk for Car Theft

  • Park in populated areas- Parking your car in well-lit and busy areas will dissuade car thieves from targeting your vehicle.
  • Install an anti-theft device- Installing a steering wheel or tire lock will make it harder for a car thief to drive away with your car. Installing a GPS tracking device in your car will not necessarily make your car harder to steal, but it will make it easier for the authorities to track down and recover a stolen vehicle.
  • Secure your car- Obviously, locking your car and closing your windows before exiting your vehicle are two important things that you can do to keep your car safe from thieves.
  • Do not leave your car running- Even if you only need to run in and out of a location, you should never leave your car running while unattended. Doing so is practically a free invitation for someone to drive away with your vehicle.
  • Conceal valuables- You should never leave valuable items in your car in plain sight. Car thieves are more likely to target vehicles if they can see things like phones, wallets, or other valuable items inside.  So, remove valuables from your car or, at the very least, hide them so they are not visible to people passing by.
  • Trust your gut- If you have a bad feeling about parking your car in a certain area, then it’s best to trust your instincts. Moving your car to a safer location is far easier than dealing with the aftermath of a stolen vehicle.

Here are the top ten stolen cars in the U.S. and what you can do to protect yours.  Want another way to keep your car safe?  Then make sure you have the right auto insurance in place.  For assistance with all your car coverage needs, contact the experts at VGW Walker Insurance in Texas.  We are ready to get you covered today.