Umbrella Insurance May Be the Insurance You Need and Don’t Have

Umbrella Insurance May Be the Insurance You Need and Don’t HaveUmbrella insurance is the kind of insurance that may come to your rescue on the day you need it most.

You have heard in the past that umbrella insurance covers for millions of dollars and expunged it from recent memory, with your main issue being that only rich people would ever need that kind of coverage. Well, you’d be surprised to know that the group of people that make the most umbrella insurance claims are those from the middle class. Learn why umbrella insurance could be the most important insurance you don’t—currently—have.

Umbrella insurance is an additional layer of liability insurance that is opened to cover past your auto and home insurance liability limits. Policies are usually taken out at $1 million or $2 million worth of coverage.

Though they cover both home and auto, 85 percent of all umbrella insurance claims are related to car accidents. They offer protection when your liability insurance is simply not enough to cover the impending damages and lawsuit you may face should the accident be that bad. The protection they offer homes may come in handy in other ways, too. They can help you cover house things known as attractive nuisances. These nuisances like trampolines and pools all pose threats to human lives and your liability insurance may not be enough should the worst happen to someone while they use those items.

If your neighbor wants to be a funny guy and jump on the trampoline only to hurt himself, you may face a lawsuit that dwarves your home policy’s liability insurance coverage.

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