Understanding The Umbrella

Umbrella Insurance TexasIs a Texas umbrella insurance policy something you should buy?

If you want a lot of protection for a relatively small amount of money, you should consider umbrella insurance.

These types of policies are intended to extend the liability limits of your existing policies (e.g. homeowners insurance, auto insurance), ensuring that if you find yourself facing an expensive lawsuit—and aren’t they all?—you’re covered. Umbrella insurance policies start at $1 million of coverage, and generally you’ll only have to pay between $250 and $600 for your year’s worth of protection.

If you have a good deal of assets you need to protect or engage in particularly risky activities (e.g. hunting, sky diving), you should consider umbrella insurance. Owning a pool or a dog—both things that increase your risk of being responsible for someone getting injured—also increase your need for additional liability coverage.

Determining whether or not you should purchase a Texas umbrella insurance policy should not be something you have to do alone. To talk to an insurance expert who can evaluable your unique situation and if this type of coverage would serve you, contact VGW Walker Insurance.