Insuring Your Valentine’s Day Gift To The Fullest

Valentine's Day Jewelry and Insurance

Valentine’s Day Jewelry and the Insurance Implications

As your honey enjoys the new rock you gifted on Valentine’s Day, it is important that you consider the insurance implications of your Valentine’s Day gift. When it comes to jewelry and insurance, the safest bet is going with scheduled personal property coverage.

Scheduled personal property coverage provides you with an extra blanket of coverage for your most important valuables at replacement cost. Therefore, scheduled items are replaced at their actual value, not their depreciated value.

Rather than leaving your token of appreciation in harm’s way, seek this vital form of protection! You can also add other valuables to your scheduled personal property coverage including your other jewelry, fine art, antiques, furs and collectibles.

Contact VGW Walker Insurance for all of your Texas homeowners’ insurance needs. We can help you add scheduled personal property coverage so that your most valuable possessions are receiving unmatched security.