Tools Every Vehicle Owner Should Have

Adding these tools to your garage can help you be prepared for any car problems that may arise.

Vehicle Owner Tools TXHaving a full toolbox can help to ensure that you have what you need if something goes wrong with your car. However, that does not mean you have to clear out your auto supply store. Investing in these essential vehicle owner tools can help you tackle whatever issue comes your way.


OBD II Code Reader

Vehicles that have been manufactured since 1996 use the On Board Diagnostics (OBD II) electronic interface to assist you figuring out what is wrong with your car. If you fail an emissions test or your check engine light comes on, using your OBD II device can help you figure out what is wrong.

Inspection Light

Being able to see what is wrong with your vehicle can help you figure out what the next step is. Since many parts of your vehicle are not lit, a bright light can help you see any issues. Consider a light that can be mounted on your head to keep your hands free.


At the very least, you should have flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers in varying sizes. You should also consider a torx, or star-headed, screwdriver so that you can loosen or tighten any screw that you run into.

Jack and Jack Stands

If you need to do any work under your vehicle, you will need room to move around. A strong jack, and jack stand can help to ensure that you have the room you need without compromising your safety while you are under your car.

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