The Most Common Reasons Why People Don’t Purchase Life Insurance

The Most Common Reasons as Why People Don’t Purchase Life InsuranceMany people and their families could benefit from purchasing a life insurance policy but, due to one reason or another, still choose not to get one.

Everyone can benefit from a life insurance policy. If your family depends on you for financial stability, mortgage payments, education, extracurricular activities, and anything else—life insurance is something you need to have so their lives aren’t completely ruined after your passing. Myths have a tendency to get around, and because our human brains are easily fooled, many people tend to believe falsehoods. Some life insurance myths have been making their way from ear to ear deterring people from purchasing a policy. Here are the most common reasons why people don’t purchase a life insurance policy.

  1. “Life insurance costs too much.”

Life insurance isn’t all that expensive, to tell you the truth. If you’re fairly young, healthy, and not a smoker, you should be able to get a 20-year, $250,000 policy for less than $200 a year!

  1. “I’m a healthy person!”

You may be healthy presently. But what about tomorrow? Or the next day? It’s impossible for anyone to know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Even if your family has a history of living a long and healthy life, you (unfortunately) never know if you got the short end of the genetic straw.

  1. “The entire process is intimidating and it confuses me.”

Anxiety is no joke. But neither is the stability of your family. If you are to pass, you don’t want the only reason your family has nothing to fall back to be, “The process intimidates me.” With the right insurance agent, they can make the entire process as easy as you want it to be!

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