Windstorm Inspections: What You Should Know

As weather patterns change and become more extreme it can lead to a variety of concerns when you are purchasing insurance for your home. One of the biggest concerns is whether or not your home can withstand a windstorm. Most newly constructed homes are required to be built in compliance with the latest building codes. By meeting these standards and receiving a Certificate of Compliance, your home is deemed to be able to withstand the strong winds that often accompany coastal storms.

Your Location Matters

If you live in an area that is prone to catastrophic events, you may need special coverage for windstorms, hurricanes, and certain types of flooding. Living in these areas doesn’t mean you can’t get good homeowners insurance. Instead, you will have to supplement your basic policy with an additional windstorm policy. While intense storms can occur at any location, those near the coast are often the most disastrous.

Code Compliance Certificates

In order to purchase a windstorm insurance policy, you will need to have your home inspected to ensure it meets the latest building codes. Inspections must be performed by licensed engineers who specialize in windstorms and the damage they cause. When your buildings pass inspection, you will be issued a Certificate of Compliance stating that the structure meets or exceeds the standards in local building codes. This certificate is required if you plan on purchasing windstorm insurance.

Do You Need an Inspection?

You will need an inspection if you build a new home or make major repairs. There are other times, however, when an inspection is not required. For example, making general improvements such as replacing carpets, cabinets, or other repairs that don’t affect the structure of your home will not require an inspection. You will not need a certificate for electrical or plumbing repairs either. Again, if it does not affect the overall structure of your home, it will not require an inspection.

Choose an Inspector You Can Rely on

If you need to have an inspection that will allow you to earn a Certificate of Compliance, you will have to find a licensed inspector with adequate training to be qualified as a TDI inspector. There are several inspectors throughout the state of Texas to choose from. Finding a trustworthy one will require a little research. Therefore, before choosing an inspector, make sure to ask for references.

Windstorms result in millions of dollars worth of damage each year. Depending on where you live, you may need to obtain a special insurance policy designated strictly for windstorm damage. Talk to our experts at VGW Insurance to learn more about windstorm insurance and whether or not you need an inspection and a Certificate of Compliance. Contact us today to get started.